Teravison AHD / NVR Recorder Video Playback


When you login, the system main menu is shown as below.


There are two methods for you to play the video files in the hard disk.

1、 In the desktop shortcut menu.

2、 Main menu>Record->Playback

Note: The hard disk that saves the video files must be set as read-write or read-only state

1. Playback control

2. Operation hint

3. Record type

4.Time progress bar options

5.Switching time or file mode

6.File Search

7.Channel option

8.Date option

9.Storage Device option

10.File information

11.File Option




Special functions:

Accurate playback: Input time (h/m/s) in the time column and then click play button. The

system can operate accurate playback according to the searching time.


Local zoom: When the system is in single-window full-screen playback mode, you can drag your

mouse in the screen to select a section and then left click mouse to realize local zoom. You can right click

mouse to exit.


Note: When current resolution of the channel is over Max resolution, to playback this

channel, will show a Red “X”.



Record Control

Please check current channel status: “○” means it is not in recording status, “●” means it is in recording status.

You can use desktop shortcut menu or click [main menu]> [recording function]> [recording set] to enter the recording control interface

【Schedule】Record according to the configuration.

【Manual】Click the all button and the according channel is recording no matter the channel in any state.

【Stop】Click the stop button and the according channel stops recording no matter the channel in any state.

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