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These screens have been developed with extreme high quality but still at a reasonable and very affordable price.

A new triple layered, fine grain emulsion has been developed giving unparalleled image production with a 1:1.1 screen gain. Perfect for modern projectors. With a pure black flocked velour frame, these screens exude luxury and quality throughout.

Specially designed to be easy to assemble and mount you can be up and running in less than an hour and enjoy 4K, Full HD and 3D movies as they were meant to be seen.

See for yourself and audition this wonderful product in showrooms around Australia.

The easy to use mounting system allows for the screen to be mounted flush to the wall making for a very professional finish.


Compatible with places needing high-precision and fixed installation, for instance, professional family theaters, scientific research institutions, government organizations, command centers, convention and entertainment venues of enterprises, etc.

Please Note:  We have elected to supply and ship these in the half screens for several reason - they take no longer to assemble, the finish remains the same but the ability to transport in a van or car is now possible in all lengths and the required storage space is much less.  As per the pictures, the added bonus is that we now have an included centre support making the screens even more rigid!