XMeye Cloud FAQ


Cloud Technology Basic Operation

Cloud technology monitor


Cloud technology makes connecting you recorder to the internet easy.

The Teravision recorder use a pre-loaded serial number to monitor via wide area network (internet).


*Please note :the device that using cloud technology should be connected to the WAN( Wide Area Network) Internet .

Check the connecting status of cloud technology

Connect device toWAN firstly, then enter【Mainmenu】>【Info】>【Version】to check whether the

device has successfully connect to the cloud server or not.



Cloud technology server connection status

Connection Failed to Cloud


Successfully connected to Cloud


Log in cloud server

Visit http://xmeye.net to see below log in page, it devided into two mode: by user and by device,

user can base on their need to log in freely.

*Please note: to log in “by user”, the user need to register at the first time.


Log in by user

Customer use their registered user name and password to log in, will see below interface


Device manage

Mainly use to add device, click “add”to add the serial number of device to be monitored.



The user name means the user name of monitored device, password means the password of related user.


It will show all the added device here, click the on-line device name, can access to control this device accordingly.








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